December 3rd, 2011 Portland, Oregon

December 3rd, 2011 Portland, Oregon

Sunday Dec 4 01:48am
Hulk Fawkes

Hulk Fawkes

Thursday Nov 17 01:24pm
I certainly don’t want the movement to be over, and I know the movement is probably very angry with me. I want them to succeed, but it can’t be at any cost. It can’t be at the cost of basic safety. Portland Mayor Sam Adams Wednesday Nov 16 02:14pm
Portland Police spokesman Lt. Robert King was reluctant to expand on what “appropriate” action would entail and said in an email he thought the word “stands for itself.”

But in his memo, Reese ordered that as of Friday, Nov. 4, “All sworn members will have their gas mask, baton, and helmet immediately available.”

Friday Nov 4 10:29am
Wednesday Nov 2 04:53pm
Monday Oct 31 12:26pm
Monday Oct 31 12:23pm
In this information age, ignorance is a 20th century excuse Thursday Oct 27 12:42pm

Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio on OWS and the future

Finally someone who gets it.

Friday Oct 21 04:47pm
Thursday Oct 20 12:30pm
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